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April 9, 2023

STONEWALLING was the big winner at the 47th Hong Kong International Film Festival.
🏆Firebird Award (Best Film)
🏆Best Actress (Huang Xiaoxiong, Yao Honggui)
🏆Fipresci Prize


Co-directed by Huang Ji and Otsuka Ryuji, Stonewalling was named Best Film for the Young Cinema Competition (Chinese Language). The jury commended it for ‘reminding us of the confusion, difficulty and suffering women face nowadays, and the inescapable responsibilities they have to shoulder’. The film’s two female leads, Huang Xiaoxiong and Yao Honggui, respectively playing the mother and the daughter, jointly received the Best Actress award for their distinguished and interactive performances. Besides winning the Firebird Award, Huang Ji and Otsuka Ryuji’s Stonewalling was also the pick of the FIPRESCI Prize jury for its profound cinematic portrayal of a young woman who finds inner power that intensely connects audiences.

FIREBIRD AWARD Juries and comments: Zhang Liu, Hsu Hsiao-Ming, Mary Stephen

Firebird Award
"This film deals head-on with contemporary society, reminding us of the confusion, difficulty and suffering women face nowadays and the inescapable responsibilities they have to shoulder.  It inspires the audience to reflect on this important issue in modern society.  It is an invaluable film replete with empathy."

Best Actress to Huang Xiaoming, Yao Honggui
"Both the characters of the daughter and the mother are equally important, complementing each other in this film.  Their interactive performances give credibility to this unique story.  Through their different perspectives, the audience is deeply moved by the experiences of these women.  The mother’s role is particularly demanding, while the daughter’s performance requires enormous dedication and courage."

FIPRESCI Juries and their reviews: Manoj Barpujari, Maja Korbecka, Yung-Hang Bruce Lai

Manoj Barpujari
Maja Korbecka
Yung-Hang Bruce Lai


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