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In 2018, Ji and Ryuji launched AROUND YOU film workshop to discover new talented filmmakers. The philosophy of the workshop is to respect each student's individual style and to support their passion for filmmaking. Ji and Ryuji go around the cities in China and hold seven-day training camps. Students are from every ages. The beginners, high school students, film school graduates, filmmakers, open to anyone who has a passion for filmmaking. During the camp, student will observe daily life, discovering and filming people or things that are usually overlooked. Ji and Ryuji work one-on-one with the students and look all of their film materials. They will discuss about the images and sounds, then discover every student's interests in the world around them. The pursuit and purpose of the workshop is to discover student's  "Originality", "Individuality", "Unique perspective" and "Artistry" .

Previous films selected in Film Festival:
A PEACEFUL DIVORCE by WANG SIDI, IFF Marseille散买卖不散交情-a-peaceful-divorce/
JUSHOU by KIWI, Beijing International Short FF

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YELLOW-GREEN PI LLC is a film production company based in China. It was founded in 2009 by husband-and-wife team Huang Ji from China, and Otsuka Ryuji from Japan. Ji contributes to scriptwriting and directing, while Ryuji works as producer, director and cinematographer. Their teamwork, enriched by a transnational background, gives an extraordinary edge to their vision, which facilitates their collaborations with TV stations on documentary production and the studio’s self-branded feature films. In 2018, they launched AROUND YOU film workshop to discover new young talented filmmakers. Their international team’s vision is: “Through the film’s imagination, we communicate with a new generation.”

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YGP-FILM LLC is a film production company based in Japan. It was founded in 2022. In collaboration with the Chinese production company YELLOW-GREEN PI to produce independent films in Japan, China and international co-productions.

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